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Awkward Situations That Will Make You Feel Jealous

by Qunki Team | funny
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We all face certain situations in which we can not avoid escaping from the awkwardness. Gettig away from them will be almost possible. Being treated like an inferior to someone else, be it your siblings or friends, it will always make you feel jealous. Sometimes you may able to forget it quickly, but on some other occasions, the situation will haunt you for years.

Here are some awkward situations that will make you feel jealous.

1 Having a younger sister like this.

that awkward moment

A sister having something superior to you is an insult, let alone when it is your younger sister.

2 When she stare like that at you

Even if she is your girlfriend, such a stare in this situation is embarrassing.

3 It will make you hate beaches

Visiting a beach will be really embarrassing if you don't have something that everyone at your age has. Obviously, you will start hating the beach.

4 This is really awkward

We will feel like we should never created an email address that time.

5 When nature is gifted you wrongly

It is really unfair to have the assets bigger than the woman next to you.

6 When at last you find it was you

At last when you find out it's you the third wheel there.

7 Okay, don't look at it!

I can understand. And when it gets uncomfortably close, and your friends stare at you with that grin... *blushing intensifies*

8 Childhood ruined!

This is the last I cry for candy.

9 One size fits all!

That awkward moment when you find out you are the odd one in the gang.

10 Hello!- No? Okay!

I'm sure everyone of you has faced this at least once in your lifetime.

11 Shhh! He's right there!

When the guy you are gossiping about is just behind you!

12 Mission: Abort! Mission: Abort!

When ever I watch tv alone, I feel like if there was a hot scene. But it only happens when I watch Tv with parents. Awkward!

13 OMG!

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