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Funny Quotes To Brighten Up Your Day

by Qunki Team | others
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Quotes can literally be funny at times especially when they have been used to describe the perfect moment. So people who are imaginative can add a lot to these quotes and change their entire meaning to make something more meaningful. Now here is what I call as best quoting. You can check with some of the top-rated quotes of the present time and make by some of the best imaginative minds. Some of them are in fact so funny that you may never stop laughing after you have read them. You will find such quotes here that can easily make your best day.

Mitch Hedberg Funny Quotes
When Work Feels Overwhelming
So Much For Skydiving
Mark Twain Funny Quotes
Funny Tina Fey Quote
Jack Handey On Peace
Funny Quotes Jim Carrey
Funny Quotes
Why Fatherhood Is Great
Temptation Will Avoid You
Mitch Hedberg On His Girlfriend
Push And Pull
Two Year Olds Are Blenders
Tina Fey Funny Quotes
Raisin Oatmeal Cookies
Mark Twain On Procastination
Love Is More Important Than Money
Jon Stewart On Thanksgiving
Jack Handey Quotes
George Carlin On The Average Person
Visit People Once A Year
Funny Quotes Treasure Chests With No Handles
Jack Handey Funny Quotes
I Used To Do Drugs
I Would Never Join A Club
Oscar Wilde
Idiots In Government
Oscar Wilde On Marriage
I Have A Lot Of Growing Up To Do
George Burns Quotes
Bill Cosby Quote
Funny Quotes Robin Williams
Funny Quotes Jerry Seinfeld
Funny Quotes Humor
Funny Quotes Humor
Dave Chappelle Black Americans Are Bilingual
Funny Joan River Quote
Follow Your Heart
Woody Allen On Existentialism
Fart When You Hug People
Dishonesty Is The Second Best Policy
Benny Hill On Complaining
Be Nice To Nerds
Arnold On His True Love
An Out Of Service Escalator
An Idiot In Congress
Albert Einstein On Relativity
You Are Absolutely Unique
Winston Churchill Funny Insult
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