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40 Parents Trolling Their Kids Online Proves Age Doesn't Matter In Trolling

by Qunki Team | others
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The Internet has managed to change the way we do a lot of things today. It is obvious that with social media and the internet around us youths have become tech-savvy. It has also changed our parents as today most parents are online almost most of their times. It has changed the way they manage and look at their kids. For some of the kids, their parents are simply behaving like zombies. These looks could, in fact, be disturbing for young kids. You can check out a few such posts related to parental trolling.

Thug Life
Head Lamp Dad
How Did We Meet
Dad Is The Worst
Torn Apart
Lucrative Career
Taped To The Wall
Jordan Urban Dictionary
Yoga Pose
Flower Bong
Dad Trolling Daughter Instagram
All Natural
Cold Hard Cash
Taylor Swift My Life
Gas Prices
Get Along Shirt
Staring At The Ceiling
Dad Pic Troll
Mock My Words
Short Shorts
Long Term Marriage
Have Fun
Starting Over
Nothing Is Lost
Achievement Award
Playing Dress Up
Pole In The House
Eye Pads
Parents Making Fun Of Kids
Santa Claus
Save The Towels
Tome To Move Out
Dad Gun
Get A Job
Turkey Provider
Princess Underwear
Prom Photobomb
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