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Shocking Sperm Facts That Are Scientifically Proven!

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Sperm is one of those things that is pretty much a normal thing in our lives. It is all natural and the future of the human race, literally! And yet, it is a topic that seems to always be avoided as an embarrassing topic next to burping and farting. Maybe one reason for that is that people do not really know much about sperm. So here are 10 facts that are scientifically proven true so that your next sperm conversation can be more interesting!

1 Abnormality

Most sperm are actually malformed, since sperm doesnt have to compete with sperm from another person, there isnt actually much competition. But at least 90% of sperm are actually abnormal which makes natural selection quite an interesting topic.

2 Food

Most people would never believe this one, but the food a man eats actually has quite an impact on his little swimmers. An example is Vitamin C promotes good health in sperm and eating whole grain cereals helps sperm be mor3e concentrated and mobile.

3 Father and Son

The Y-Chromosome is actually quite interesting in that it actually refuses or just cannot mix with any other type of chromosome. With that, it is the one thing that makes a man a man.

4 Healthy Sperm

So having regular sx and climaxing on a regular basis actually promotes your sperm to be way more healthy. The general regular number is at least 4 to 5 times a month. That isnt a lot isnt it?

5 Casing

Acrosome is what the name was given to the casing the sperm is actually in. What this casing does is release a chemical that melts the shell of the egg so that it can actually enter and impregnate the egg.

6 Eye-opener

This is interesting when a dead sperm still carries DNA and can still form a baby by hitting the egg. It is surprising since we all think a sperm and egg combination is how everything happens.

7 Survive for days

The sperms seem to be their own kind of creatures. In the right conditions, sperm can survive inside a woman for up to five days. The right conditions are considered to be cold temperatures. Also to produce a baby, sperm need the body to be 7 degrees colder than the normal temperature.


With one ejaculation, you may not think it is a lot since it is only usually about half a teaspoon but it will surprise you that with that little bit there are over 200 million little sperms swimming around in it. With a large number like that, to bring it to perspective that is equal to the population of Brazil.

9 Lance Armstrong

If you ever wondered why a man has not one but two test!cIes, look at Lance Armstrong who lost one of his to cancer and still managed to have two children of his own afterwards. You have two so that you still have a spare. You only need one test!cIe to reproduce successfully.

10 Lifestyle Choices

You need to be careful how you live your life if you plan on having kids one day. Chain smoking and continuous drinking can serious degrade your sperms health. So reconsider your lifestyle choices.

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