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Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Belly Button Is An Innie Or An Outie? Here's Why.

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
Home > health and fitness > Have You Ever Wondered Why Your Belly Button Is An Innie Or An Outie? Here's Why.

While the theories surrounding our belly buttons may sound good after a few drinks, they do not give any real insight. The answer to the question of why our belly buttons look the way that they do is much more simple than you might expect. Innie belly buttons are much more common than outies. Most people believe that the shape of our belly button is caused by the way that our umbilical cords were cut.

That theory could not be further from the truth. Your belly button's status is determined by what happens after the umbilical cord is cut. The way that the scar tissue forms after the cord is cut plays a major role in whether it becomes an innie or an outie.

When the last piece of the cord dries up and falls off, it makes its presence meaningless. An outie is formed when there is only a little bit of scar tissue left over. Umbilical hernias play a much bigger role than you might have realized, and the condition is not as serious as it sounds.

Stomach tissues poke through the muscle fibers of the baby's belly, and that is the cause of the misshapen outies. There is no pain associated with this particular condition, so the baby does not suffer at all. Did you know that there are a lot of people out there who actually have cosmetic surgery to change how their belly button looks?

In most cases, the ones who have cosmetic surgery do it so they can change their outie into an innie. Innie belly buttons can turn into outies as we get older. When the stomach expands quickly from pregnancy or obesity, it can cause the innie to change to an outie.

Now that you know more about your belly button, make sure you pass the information along and inform all of your friends.

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