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Funniest Photos Of People With Hilarious Sense Of Fashion

by Qunki Team | others
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Go on people! But seriously when it comes to fashion, we can’t be taking things so lightly. It is one of the well-earned jobs and looking at the pictures given below you want to want to know that things may disrupt it. Although the mantra for styling is limitless it at least has to make some sense right? Have a look at some of the designer collections in which they have tried to become unique but turned out to be hilarious too. Mind it, if you want to laugh then hold your tummy because this is genuinely some incredible stuff you will be watching

1 Blow up doll hoodie.


2 I bet his grandma knitted that for him.


3 Is that supposed to be art or something?


4 What if she has to get something from the top drawer.

5 That's why you shouldn't bet on something you don't know.

6 Something smells fishy.


7 Modern cat lady.

8 I think that's supposed to be a chick hatching from a dark egg.

9 You just need a little teddy bear sometimes.


10 Grandma's birthday present. Surprisingly comfortable.


11 Flamingo tights.


12 Things are getting a little out of hand with these designers.

13 When you really love jeans.


14 She probably wasn't thinking when she chose that outfit.


15 That looks like something Ross would love.


16 I've had enough of this ripped jeans fashion trend.


17 The designer needs a psych evaluation.


18 Pre-destroyed Margiela sneakers


19 Rapper who got shot Halloween costume.


20 Pink was really weird back in the day.


21 I think she's on drugs.

22 Creepiest Halloween costume goes to...

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