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Your Ears Surprisingly Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

by Qunki Team | personality
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It is quite crazy and out there to think that people have worked out how to figure out a person based solely on their ears. So read on, and maybe you can start cold reading people using their ears.

1 Large Ears

Most people big really big ears tend to be very independent and strong to get to high places in life. This isn't that surprising, or is it? To get through life being teased about how big your ears are means you must have a strong-willed personality.

2 Small Ears

Going with the opposite of big ears, people with small ears tend to be a lot more self-conscious and sensitive if people notice their ears in particular. They end up over thinking everything instead of showing some spontaneity and believing in their gut feeling.

3 Long Earlobes

People with long earlobes tend not to be weighed down in any way because they are free spirited and they know happiness when they see it.

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4 Ears lower than your eye line

People with ears lower than their eye line are very level-headed people with a very relaxed and stable type of personality that keeps them out of trouble.

5 Sticking out

Ears that stick out mean you know how to live with and for happiness by keeping to your goals is your determination at succeeding, even with a regular job hours type of routine.

6 Triangle Shape

Having a beautiful and exciting type of shape to your ears means, well, you are a little insane. This can be a good thing, but you must remember to try and be happy every day.

7 Higher than your Eye line

With your ears being higher than your eye line, it Is a symbol of being closer to your brain which makes you a great intellectual and a person that is always curious about their surroundings or the world they live in.

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