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Here How You Can Predict How Your Children Are Going To Look Like.

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
Home > health and fitness > Here How You Can Predict How Your Children Are Going To Look Like.

If you are going to become a parent soon, you are probably wondering whether your child will look more like you or your parent or maybe your ancestors. Unfortunately, it isnt possible to predict that unless your child is born. Or is it? Well, science has come a long way and there is actually several scientific rules which can be used to predict your kids appearance. Read on to find out.

1 Strong VS Weak Genes

You have probably wondered at some point in your life why there are so few twins and look-alikes on this planet especially when there are over 7 billion people in this world. The answer to that question is genetics.

The thing is even if there are only a few attributes such as eye colour, hair type etc., when you start listing out their combination, the number is gigantic because there are so many possible combinations. However, these characteristics may seem random at first but there is actually a scientific principle governing this phenomenon.


If you check the strong and weak genes and try to make their combinations, you will soon reach a pretty big number because the number of possible combinations is quite huge. In fact, that is one of the main reasons why there are so many varieties in this world. However, there is still a pattern that one can use to predict the genetic characteristics.

3 Eye Colour

Eye colour is the easiest trait to predict almost anyone can predict the offsprings eye colour by checking the eye colour of the parents. You should check out the info-graphic below which explains how easy it is to predict the eye colour.

4 Family Trees

The following infographic will clearly explain how easy it is to see that the dominant genes come ahead of the recessive ones and determine the genetic characteristics of the children.

5 Skipping Generations

Even if some people dont have brilliant genetic chances based on their parents, they can still possess some good genetics if their ancestors possess those. Often, the weaker outcomes are passed down after skipping a few generations in between.

6 Genetic Prediction

Nowadays, scientists are able to predict someones physical appearance from his or her DNA. Surprisingly, the result is fairly accurate too. In fact, bone structure can also be accurately found out from DNA combined with other factors such as origin etc.

7 Genetic Manufacturing

Technology is advancing by leaps and bound every day, and we are making new breakthroughs in medical science every year. Our understanding of genes has improved significantly, and this has led to the rise of a debate whether genetic manufacturing will be possible in future. Obviously, genetic manufacturing could be used to cure and remove diseases and birth defects but will this technology also be used to modify other factors such as eye colour, hair type etc?

If anyone has seen the classic movie Gattaca, he or she will understand that this might actually be true in future. And we still dont know what the outcome going to be on the society in general.

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