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20 Amazing Student Life Hacks

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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Being a student is not always a piece of cake, contrary to popular belief. It can be tough, given the constant pressure of studies, assignments, grades, events etc. In such cases, some nifty tips, tricks and hacks can make your life in uni a bit easier. These tricks can prove to be very beneficial for you and enhance your performance and life in uni. So, read on to find the key to your success in college.

1 Set a study incentive for yourself: keep little gummy bears on each paragraph of your textbook and give yourself the incentive of eating them upon reaching that part.

2 Sharing a room with two or more people comes with its own perils- for instance, others using your toothbrush. To prevent that, use this genius rubber band trick to separate your toothbrushes.

3 Kitchen space is no longer a problem for you, unlike other friends of yours. Slip in a cutting board under your desk!

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4 Frustrated with your wobbly keyboard? No longer. Use binding clips to hold it steady!

5 Face a shortage of cuts in your student house? Problem solved.

Step 1: Soak a strand of string in alcohol

Step 2: Wrap it around the bottle at the required height and tie it properly

Step 3: Put the string on fire and allow it to burn for a bit

Step 4: Dip the bottle in some cold water

Step 5: Firmly tap the bottle against a stiff surface

Step 6: Break the bottle at the level of the string

Step 7: Sand the sharp edges with sandpaper

Carry this one out at your own risk and take extreme care while doing it!

6 All thanks to this quirky trick, you'll never oversleep and miss an important lecture again!

7 Both you and your roommate want to use the microwave at the same time? Not an issue.

8 Best way to keep your fingers fully intact while hammering a nail!

9 Don't have a car phone mount? Use a rubber band instead!

10 Save a lot of space! Use can ring pulls to offset your clothes instead!

11 Want a quick nap on your way home but worried someone might steal your bag? String your legs into it and catch up on some sleep!

12 Tired of making a mess of all clothes while searching for your favourite shirt? No worries. Stack them vertically to see all your clothes at once, and then go about choosing!

13 Want to boost your music output? Give this speaker boost hack a try!

14 Make a cut in a tennis ball, hang it on the wall, and here! You have a nifty little key holder.

15 Tired of the mess created by wires on your table? Use this trick to sort wires instead!

16 No more mess in the kitchen with a pasta explosion!

17 Frustrated of chocked pores on your shower? Tie the showerhead with a bag of vinegar. It will clean it entirely in a night’s time!

18 Use different nail polish colours to identify different keys!

19 It's summer time! Use this trick while playing around water!

20 The best for the last- why have one only in December when you can have an advent calendar for every month?

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