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10 Hard to Kill Hanging Plants That’ll Make Your Home Look Amazing

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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Plants act as a good way to make a stuffy room look and feel fresh. They certainly add a style quotient to the room too. It's the best way to add essence to space. So, use these great hanging plant ideas to add life to your spaces as well! These are very low maintenance and don't require much effort to sustain. Sounds great, isn't it? So, try them out.

Quick note: It's very obvious that these plants aren't supposed to be eaten, but ensure that they are kept far out of reach of inquisitive pets and small children. They can be toxic too if consumed.

1 String of Pearls

Source : A Home Full of Color

These string of pearl plants do look pretty great, especially when embellishing your home. They are absolutely unique and conversation starters. Perhaps they are best of the lot. Very low maintenance too, as they require just moist soil and indirect sunlight.

2 Asparagus Fern

Source : Electric Trends

These do certainly have a very cool and different look. It's a colorful and bright way to make any room look nice, given the upward reaching stems, and hanging down facing the ground. It just requires some indirect sunlight and lots of water.

3 Heartleaf Philodendron

Source : Sally Rosie

whether you decide to put it in your living room or the bedroom, this will certainly make your room look exactly like those great ones on Pinterest. The icing on the cake, it's easier to maintain too.

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4 Devil’s Ivy

Source : Little Green Friends

This one is almost impossible to kill, as the name suggests. It can grow very long and have many colors, thus making it suitable as a hanging plant.

5 Boston Fern

Source : Apartment Therapy

You'll love this plant if you live in a humid place. Vibrantly green, it can certainly brighten any and every room. Also, it purifies the air.

6 Spider Plant

Source : Decor Demon

This one, though toxic, acts as a great filter for air. Clean your home's air using this.

7 English Ivy

Source : Lauren Conrad

This one is one of the best indoor air purifying plants. It looks stunning when hung from a surface, and thrives in with moist soil in cooler temperatures.

8 Pothos

Source : Emily Billings

This easy to manage plant can be kept in any corner of the house. Also, it's in Vogue right now.

9 Fish Hook

Source : New Darlings

This plant is perhaps the most unique looking plant on this list. With the absence of large leaves, it very closely resembles the fish hooks.

10 Lipstick Plant

Source : New Darlings

This plant, though quite unheard of, is very amazing. You can enhance the look and feel of your living room by decorating it with this.

Whether it's Pinterest that caught your fancy, or you naturally have a greenthumb, hanging some plants in the house is great for all. As many of these all low maintenance, you can just plant them and forget about them. Have questions? Let us know via the comments section below.

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