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Natural Way To Get Sparkling White Teeth In Just Two Minutes

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Having yellow teeth is a common problem nowadays, especially among people who are 30+ years old. In fact, some teenagers also suffer from this health issue. And colored teeth is also a source of embarrassment and humiliation in public.

Some People believe that if they use branded toothpaste such as Dabur, Colgate, etc. their problem will be solved. Although these brands advertise that their products are extremely effective, that is hardly the truth and most of the times, they don't work.

However, you can easily use homemade ingredients to create a special product which can give you back your white teeth within a few days. Anyone who has tried this method has reported that it is extremely effective, so you too should give this a try. Check out the procedure and ingredients below.

1 Ingredients Required

Thats all! You don't need anything else to whiten your teeth.

2 Procedure

a) First, take one tablespoon of baking soda and crush it into fine powder, so that there are no lumps.

b) Take a lemon and squeeze a few drops into the bowl where the baking soda is present.

c) Mix the two ingredients thoroughly so that they form a fine paste.


d) And finally, just apply that paste onto your toothbrush instead of your usual toothpaste and brush with it.

You will start seeing results within a few days.

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