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21 Food Tricks That Totally Change Everything

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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Making and eating the same kind of food every day can be a bit boring. It is a commonplace to get bored of eating similar food every day that makes you want not to cook at all and go to a restaurant. However, with these food methods, we’re about to share with you, you will rediscover your love for cooking and homemade food because come on! Nothing is better than home cooked food. So, here are some food hacks that will make your home cooked food less boring, more delicious and just bring out the foodie in you! And yes, do follow all the instructions given here carefully to not mess your dish up.

1 Your favourite cheesy bread, bit with a twist! This really tastes good.

2 Got a hankering for an ice-cream sandwich? Make your own. Stick your favourite ice cream in between two cookies and there! You have your own ice cream cookie sandwich.

3 Party at home? Make a yummy chocolate bowl with some melted chocolate and a balloon.

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4 Out of coasters? Use muffin papers instead to keep all the bugs out!

5 Getting sticky fingers from having popsicles? Try this.

6 Spice things up! Use bell pepper rings to have your breakfast eggs.

7 Insanely cool ice coffee!

8 Turn your pancakes up a notch! Use a slice of bacon!

9 Worried about storing the perishables? Use your cloth hanger instead.

10 Melted Banana topped with whipped cream. Yummy, isn't it?

11 Bored of regular round cakes? Make a swirl cake instead!

12 Didn't know that

13 Difficult to cut corn? Use an electric knife to cut it easily and smoothly.

14 Isn't this the best bunger ever made?

15 The easiest trick no one seems to be following.

16 Love bacon? Try cinnamon rolls with Bacon! Not kidding.

17 Yeah. Use your fork.

18 The best way to eat with chopsticks (for non-Asians, of course)!

19 You always did it wrong.

20 Works on apples- will work on potatoes!

21 Want lemon flowers? Use a peeler!

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