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25 gibberish designs by people who completely lack common sense

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > 25 gibberish designs by people who completely lack common sense

It enrages me to no limit when I'm having a good time and someone else’s errors and imperfections ruin my mood and day. No one else should have the right to jeopardize my mood, isn't it?

But there are some people who are just so full of skewed design ideas, so much lacking in common sense that they cannot help making design blunders. While some may be bearable, none are acceptable. They are supposed to be professionals after all! Perhaps they need to be sent back to school to learn the art all over again because they are horribly bad at their work.

Seeing these terrible designs will leave you scratching your head in utter frustration.

1 That's, perhaps, a mosaic straight from hell!

2 The person who designed it needs to head back straight to school.

3 Beware! A cake thief is out loose on the streets!

4 Now this deserves punishment.

5 This is nothing less than a heinous crime committed by the delivery boy. Your punishment- try licking this cheese off the box.

6 Life is full of struggle, when you are a Muggle.

7 Some people simply fail to understand what half means. Someone get them a scale!

8 Now this puzzle is outright frustrating.

9 Really. What was the person who designed this, thinking? There isn't a humanly possible way to fit two people in.

10 Call it OCD, but the stick not being in the middle is not done.

11 He doesn't know. And understand.

12 The pop tart artist who, franking, doesn't give a damn.

13 The best lighting arrangement ever? (Sarcasm of course)

14 Now that Oreos too are betraying us, I don't know who to trust anymore. See? My trust issues aren't unfounded.

15 That's what a straight line looks like.

16 The odd one out

17 The repulsive looking burger no one will want to eat.

18 This fortune cookie guy just cannot see anyone happy.

19 No, even though it's a ball, this isn't acceptable.

20 This doesn't qualify as burger with extra cheese.

21 Which idiot hired these designers?

22 Maybe give red a try. This doesn't look too good.

23 This flying car lost its way.

24 When no one realizes you're over- qualified for the job

25 How on earth do we open the door!

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