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Natural ways of cleaning plaque from arteries

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Due to bad lifestyle and poor eating habits, gradually the plaque starts forming on the wall of arteries inside the human heart. The heart is the among the most sensitive body parts of a human body. These plaque buildups can lead to a lot of heart problems like heart failure and heart attack. The plaque basically comprises of cholesterol, fat, and calcium. Various methods are available for clearing the arteries clogged with plaque-like balloon surgery, medications, etc. These days people are switching to Ayurveda for heart treatments. Some ayurvedic treatments can save from the surgical method which is partially reliable.

Here are some of the natural ways of clearing arteries

1 Garlic


Garlic can naturally treat plaque deposit in the arteries. It is normally consumed in the form of capsules, but fresh garlic is more effective. Medical analysis has predicted that taking raw garlic or garlic supplements can destroy plaque, reduce cholesterol levels and halt blood clots. The main ingredients of garlic that are responsible for stopping blood clots are called allicin and ajoene. They basically minimize the "clinginess" of blood platelets.

2 Turmeric


This is one of the famous herbs since ages. It contains an active compound known as curcumin which is known for preventing blood platelet coagulation and inhibiting plaque formation in arteries. According to Herb Growing & Marketing Network, turmeric is treated as a Chinese medicine which stimulates blood in human body. Turmeric has powerful antioxidant traits which prevent the oxidization of LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing blood cholesterol and stopping plaque deposit

3 Bilberry


According to University of Michigan Health System, Bilberry is also known to prevent blood platelet deposition, which leads to plaque formation. Studies have proven that bilberry can influence blood vessels and heart contractions, along with halting the blood clots.

4 Exercise


Exercising is one of the best natural ways to clean the plaques deposited in the arteries. Regular exercise increases blood flow and improves heart rate. It makes the plaques stick less to the artery walls. Gradually, it is cleared. The person who exercises regularly maintains a healthy heart and remains immune to blood clots and plaques. Even the heart specialists recommend at least 30 minutes of brisk walking for all their patients. Cardiovascular activities properly pump the blood inside the heart.

5 Broccoli


Broccoli is another green leafy vegetable that is fully loaded with vitamin K that helps in clearing plaque from the arteries. Broccoli contains some anti-oxidants that can also help in stopping the oxidation of LDL cholesterol which is responsible for major heart conditions. This super healthy vegetable also offers a powerful dose of fiber which helps in the normalization of blood-pressure and reduces stress levels. Fibre is even good for the heart.

Natural ways are always effective than allopathic medicines and surgeries. These cures take significant time to be effective, but they are a permanent cure and keep a human heart healthy in the long run. These natural ways demand a slight change in the daily routine and improving eating habits. A healthy lifestyle is a key to a healthy heart.

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