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16 Shocking and bizarre things people found at the beach

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Beaches, being so vast swathes of sand, pulling a lot of crowds, constantly being washed with seawater, it's a common place for many things to be found there. Nothing really out of the blue. If you're just like me, all you'll find on the beach are starfish, jellyfish, seaweed, and rocks. However, some people do get lucky. People have found awesome, amazing, priceless, bizarre, gross and pretty much all kinds of things on the beach. So, have a look.

1 Thousands and thousands of sneakers found washed ashore in a beach at the Netherlands.


2 A gigantic Lego made man washed ashore Yuigahama beach


3 The sea just gifted you loads of Doritos


4 A drift of Beachwood found on the beach


5 This absolutely terrifying sea creature was once found dead on a beach


6 A dead unknown creature washed ashore in 2012 in San Diego


7 On Welsh beach, P-38 found


8 Bananas everywhere on a beach in Netherlands one weird day


9 150 years old tombstone of Delia Presby Otter washed ashore


10 On a beach of Victoria, California, this super scary fish skeleton found


11 Hundred and hundreds of manta rays found in a Gaza beach


12 Man- O- War jellyfish found of beach in Boca Raton, Florida


13 That's why it's scary to park your car on the beach


14 A rusty, old pistol discovered in Discovery park, Seattle


15 This bike crossed a huge ocean

16 Gross giant crocodile head

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