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Guys Reveal The Strangest Things A Girl Has Said To Them

by Qunki Team | others
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Girls can be weird. Some are just shy, while others are simply awkward. However, a guy doesnt notice this until he becomes close with that girl. And at that point of time, the guy has no idea how to react when the girl drops such a bombshell. Take a look below to know about some of the most awkward things girls have told guys.

1 This is the worst thing to hear from your girl..

While watching p0r with his girl friend, she said this to him. Your thing is bigger than his (the guy in p0r ). Oh wait, hes getting harder. Wow. Ok, never mind.

2 He got really embarrassed when he heard this after love making.

Guys Reveal The Most Awkward Thing A Girl Has Said To Them

Have you ever rap3d someone before ? Yeah ! Its really awkward to hear such words after s3x.

3 We have no idea what these girls note on us !

Guys Reveal The Most bizzare Things A Girl Has Said To Them

Once this guy was on an elevator with a girl, she stared at his feet and said You have really nice toes.

And after couple of weeks he met her again and she said, Hey youre the guy with nice toes.

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4 It made a different effect than she expected while they were love making.

She was calling him daddy during s3x with a picture of her dead father staring at him on the wall

5 So you mean, I am not smart, Handsome or Funny ? !!

She said to him I dont need smart, handsome or funny man, I just need you.

Worst thing a guy to hear from a girl.

6 She dont like cats so she said this

She told me that she didnt like cats and that I had to choose between her spending the night or keeping my cat.

As attractive as she was, the cat stayed she left.

7 She said this to him

Youre pretty alright for a black guy. It never gets old.

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