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How to Pick the Best Nail Polish Color for your Zodiac Sign

by Qunki Team | beauty and fashion
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Choosing a nail polish color for ladies can be tough. But your Zodiac Sign might be able to help you make that decision. Learn which nail polish color is ideal for your zodiac sign.

1 Aries

Royal color is the best choice. Silver embellishments can also be added.

2 Taurus

Green is the perfect color of Taurus. Any shade of green will do.

3 Gemini

Pick up orange colored nail polish. Choose a brighter shade to improve your concentration and focus abilities.

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4 Cancer

Silver is the ideal choice for Cancer. A shade of silver which is soft and sensitive is preferred.

5 Virgo

Red is a symbol of strength. So choose red for your nails. There is no limitation on the shade of red, pick anyone you are comfortable with.

6 Capricorn

Choose blue as your nail polish color. People belonging to this zodiac sign are known to work a lot, so the sky blue color will remind you to take a break from work at times.

7 Pisces

Gray is the ideal choice, especially earth gray. People belonging to Pisces might lose their way often, so that color will remind you to stay true to your roots.

8 Leo

Welcome to the Bronze Age womens! Show your strength with the color that symbolizes the ingenuity and endurance namely, everlasting bronze!

9 Libra

With exquisite manicure, nude range without drawing attention will be incredibly stylish and classy.

10 Scorpio

The representatives of this dangerous zodiac sign must try by all shades of a pink palette. Not bad from time to time and show a softer side of your personality.

11 Sagittarius

The black color turns entirely to your directness. If thats too bold for you, then select another ebony hue which will give your character more mystery.

12 Aquarius

Those freedom-loving women maintain to show their independence. Some brave neon color will help you to state your independence.

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