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Embarrassing Facebook Flirting Fails

by Qunki Team | funny
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Its almost 2020 and we as humans are still stalking secret crushes and using pathethic pickup lines. In this age when everything is seen, you really cannot escape with even harmless flirting. So put on your cheat meter and ask that girl out who is already dating someone you hate. Afterall some people just love to lose their reputation.

Funniest Facebook Flirting Fails: BURN!

Well… That’s Awkward

Grandma Wants To Get Down

Who Wants A Body Massage??

The Funniest Facebook Flirting Fails: ‘Dad’???

He Doesn’t Get The Hint

She Doesn’t Want No Scrub

He Wasn’t Interested In The First Place

No… That’s Totally His Girlfriend

Just Adding Random People

Stupid Goatee

So Many Hearts

Now THAT’S Uncomfortable

Gross Dude

How Do You Get Pregnant With Tequila??

This Guy Seems Like A Real Winner

When 40 Year Old Single Women Hit Facebook…

Funniest Facebook Flirting Fails: Text Me

Worst Facebook Flirter Ever

Grammar Is Important When You’re Flirting

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