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her daughter is five-years-old, and she will not stop breastfeeding her despite her husband's pleas.

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Most mothers who breastfeed will stop once their child is a toddler. A smaller number of women will keep breastfeeding until their kids are in preschool. In extreme cases, a mother might even breastfeed their child until they are in their teens. One of these mothers is a 29-year-old English blogger named Sophie Mei Lan.


Sophie has two preschool-aged daughters named Jasmine and Arianna. Her husband has begged her to stop breastfeeding the girls, but Sophie flat out refuses to do so. She says that the process has not only brought her closer to her girls, but it has also saved them a ton of money over the years.


Sophie stands by her decision to keep breastfeeding her growing girls. She says that it helps them sleep better. She goes to bed with the girls every night and believes her breast milk has a soothing effect on the girls.

Refusing to stop breastfeeding could be very detrimental to a child. This video shows a woman who kept breastfeeding her 14-month-old daughter, and it had a detrimental effect on her behavior.


Now that Sophie's children are starting to get older, she does worry about the effects her decision will have on them. Five-year-old Jasmine is getting ready to start school, and she worries that her being breastfed will isolate her from other children at school. Sophie has prepared Jasmine by telling her that not many kids would still be breastfeeding like she is. The young girl did not seem to be bothered. And, even though Jasmine seems to be ok with still breastfeeding, her father, Chris, wants it to stop.


Chris has sat back and watched Sophie breastfeed their child a lot longer than expected. He is concerned about the impact it will have on her health. He says that Sophie is exhausted, and he just wants her to give her body a much-needed break.


As a blogger, Sophie has put her private life in the spotlight. She has received a ton of criticism for her decision, but it has not stopped her from doing what she feels is the right thing to do by her children. She says, "I don’t think there is anything strange about feeding your children."

Before she was a blogger, Sophie was a broadcast journalist for the BBC. She gave it up when her daughter, Arianna, became ill. She said, "It was an obvious step for me, although it felt very difficult at the time to give up my dream job as a broadcast journalist at the BBC. But I think that making that big decision spurred me on, even more, to make sure that my blog was successful."


Sophie's decision to continue breastfeeding is not nearly as controversial as this mother who still breastfeeds her 12-year-old son. "This isn’t about me. It’s about my son," Nicole Mullen wrote in a controversial Thought Catalogue post. "His name is Mason. He’s 12 years old, and now that he stands at eye level with me, he has to bend over a bit when I breastfeed him in public."

She followed that statement with an even more bizarre response to those who think what she is doing is not okay. "Sure, it’s a little jarring when people see what appears to be a grown man sucking on a woman’s breasts, but it’s natural and their discomfort is not my problem."


She continued to say that if it were not natural, then her body would stop producing milk, and it would not feel good to breastfeed her son anymore. "Because of the sexual repression of women, there’s little information on the sexual nerve receptors in the nipple and the rest of the breast, but when a baby sucks on a woman’s breast she experiences a bit of sexual pleasure."


She has also asked her son to not shave because it feels better when she feeds him in public and can feel his beard coming in. She says this makes more people feel entitled to approach her and tell her what she is doing is wrong. She finds it ironic that the more she makes breastfeeding feel natural, the more people out there call the police and report her for indecency. Nicole says that she will keep on breastfeeding her son until the day her body stops producing milk.

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