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This Is The Reason Why Guys Prefer Curvy Girls Over Skinny

by Qunki Team | relationship
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Searching a partner was easy in those early days when love marriages were not so common. Even those who didn't have so much in common with each other were given the tag of "made for each other". But since we live in a modern and civilized world, parents have now allowed their children to choose a partner according to their choice. But guys have their own unique choices. It's very common nowadays that they don't prefer the date skinny girls. If a skinny girl has a good personality, the guys are fine with it or else they will opt for the chubby ones. Every one of them has their reasons.

Everyone has their own preferences.

I refuse to date skinny girls honestly. I just love chubby girls and I think theyre the bomb! I need me a chubby girl right now.

More cushion for the pushin.

I refuse to date really skinny girls. I love me some curves. 😍👌I love my girls with something to grab and more to love. #ladylover


Skinny girls are gross, I refuse to date any girl without curves.


I refuse to date skinny girls. Confidence is the sexiest thing ever.

There's that.

I almost refuse to date skinny girls, unless they have a really great personality.

Curves are where it's at.

theres nothing more beautiful than a woman with curves. I refuse to date skinny girls

All day, everyday.

Id take a curvy girl over a stick everyday of the week. Refuse to date skinny girls.


I cant date skinny girls because I think its disgusting.

You need some junk in the trunk.

I cant date skinny girls, not enough boobs or bum

Everyone has a type.

I cant date skinny girls or guys. Not saying they arent beautiful but I like thick girls and chubby guys. Way better to me.

Snuggling is essential.

I cant date skinny girls because they suck at cuddling.

Whatever works for you.

I like curvy and/or fit girls. Perfect for me.I cant date fat nor very skinny girls.

Simple as that.

I cant date skinny girls. I dont find them attractive!

Not everyone gets it.

I cant date skinny girls any more. I just want plump women but my friends dont understand.

No shame.

I cant date skinny girls.  I feel like I would break them.  Call me a chubby chaser, but idc.

Finding the middle ground.

I wont date fat girls, but I love thick girls.I wont date skinny girls, but I love slim girls too !! Ughhhhhhh


Im average but prefer chubby bbw ladies. I wont date skinny girls. Never been my type and never will be!

That's the difference.

I wont date skinny girls. Maybe boys dont like thick girls but men do.

Straight to the point.

Skinny girls ask why I wont date them... well I like my girls bbw.

Everyone has an opinion.

I love big girls. Call me shallow, but I wont date skinny girls.
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