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26 Of The Best Jobs, Everyone Would Like

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Imagine sleeping on a mattress just to test its comfort level! Dream job right. Here is a look at all the cool career options even your parents couldn’t think of for you. So you can just drop off from school and pick anyone of them.

1. How Does One Take A Career In Paper Folding?

2. Jerry’s Got It Made

3. Testing The Very First Bulletproof Vest

4. The Katy Perry Boob Adjuster

5. Chocolate Beer Specialist

6. This Guy’s Entire Life

7. Corgi Wrangler For The Queen

8. Best Jobs Ever: Teen Exorcist

9. This Puppeteer / Professional Butt Snuggler

10. Being A Ranch Dressing Expert

11. Dousing Models With Water

12. Best Jobs Ever: Dip Maker

13. His Answer To Everything: “They’re Crazy”

14. Whoever Gets To Work With This Dog Beekeeper

15. Being A Security Guard At A Basketball Game

16. Driving This Dumptruck O’ Fire For Work

17. This Cardboard Box Professional

18. A Very Illustrious History Expert

19. Funniest Job Title Ever

20. The Head Of Potatoes

21. Mattress Tester

22. Best Jobs Ever: Penguionologist, PhD

23. Giant Plastic Wrapper Peeler

24. Dress For The Job You Want, Not The Job You Have

25. Space Lawyer

26. But Who Is In Charge Of The Small Door?!?!

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