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Guy Moves In With Girlfriend And Can Not Imagine How Good Life Is

by Qunki Team | funny
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Living on your own has a different thrill to it. You get to be independent in thought and action. But it does come with a lot of its challenges. You have to do everything on your own. Which, many, especially males, find very cumbersome. You also end up craving for company. In such a situation, deciding to move in with your partner can prove to be great. You get to see how compatible you are, as you're sharing the same living space, and also get familiarised with each others’ daily routine and habits. For the guys, however, it means to have someone who can do their chores and take care of them, and support them. So, here are 14 images depicting how good life got for Arthur Dayne after moving in with his girlfriend.

1 Arthur Dayne can't believe how good life’s got

2 The eternal complainer

3 She's right though

4 The freedom's gone

5 What all she has to put up with

6 Precocious she is

7 You're right. You can't survive without her

8 True. Better quality of life

9 Life's organized now

10 Women are the key to a successful life

11 See

12 This is life

13 True

14 She did certainly

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