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Photos That Prove That Everything In Your Life Is A Lie

by Qunki Team | wtf
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1 This pretense that a Doritos serving is 11 Doritos. 11 DORITOS.

2 How towels are stacked in department stores.

3 Same with jeans.

4 This visual proof that your favorite weepy movie didnt need to be weepy at all.

5 This evidence that Capn Crunch is not a captain.

6 It was actually a different 90s icon who invented the Carlton Dance.

7 What a Cup O Noodles looks like on the inside.

8 This, which explains a traumatic part of your childhood.

9 This diagram of the right way to wear earphones.

10 This proof that pineapples dont actually grow on trees.

11 This notorious travesty.


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