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15 Unbelievable Japanese Inventions Which Will Make You Go WTF!

by Qunki Team | facts
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Japan is always famous for new technologies and inventions. The ability of Japanese people in making new gadgets are non questionable. They are really good at it.New technology makes our life easier. We never need some gadgets untill we see them . They are actually useless but when we see them we feel like we need it really. Japanese engineer Kenji Kawakami called such useless inventions as Chindogu (useless invention in Japanese language). Check out some of crazy inventions made by Japanese people.

1 Mini umbrellas to protect your feet

2 Eye drop funnel glasses

3 Chopsticks with integrated fans

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4 Full protection umbrella

5 Audio ear enhancer

6 The toilet paper hat

7 Solar lighters for chain smokers

8 The shoe sweeper

9 Sun glasses with long range view facility

10 Lap and hug nap pillows

11 Chin and head supporters during travelling

12 The Umbrella tie

13 The tie with card holding facility

14 The daddy milker

15 360 degree angle camera

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