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Expectation Vs Reality Moments That Will Make You Cry

by Qunki Team | funny
Home > funny > Expectation Vs Reality Moments That Will Make You Cry

Have you loved a chic pair of shoes or clothing and ordered it online, but when you receive it you notice that it deflates your expectations. No wonder they say the reality is more virulent than the things we reckon. Below are such classic examples where one has been betrayed out of one’s head in the sky thoughts.

1. ‘Marshmallow out to kill’ you kinda smile can put off any kid who loves his chocolate treat.

2. A bland piece of choco chip to suffice in this brittle cookie packet.

3. The fish pillow that looks like it just got caught out of the net.

4. The true meaning of a body suit that was supposed to be leggings, you won’t complain about going out in winter now.

5. Healthy muffins make the calories disappear, go vegan they said!

6. When you order bear mask for Halloween but you get a creepy hairy killer mask instead.

7. When they forget to stuff the cream in the Ding Dong.

8. The painting that was labelled professional masterpiece turns out to be a kid’s work of art for grade school.

9. The readymade food you order looks like shit.

10. Pasta dish you open to microwave looks like half eaten meal by the packaging company.

11. Treats meant to be frozen are dried crumbs from the desert.

12. When you want to surprise the guest with your cooking skills but turn into a complete disaster in the kitchen episode.

13. When the beautiful baby cake looks like dog vomit in reality.

14. One sad raccon cookie with deary eye, you won’t even feel like eating it.

15. Your chocolate stuffed croissant is actually a plain soft bugette.

16. The perfect chocolate cake you order turns out the burnt version of the picture on the cover.

17. Your morning will slowly turn into horror with this Halloween version of a pancake, those bloody teeth!

18. Someone stole all the choice cuts and put in leftovers before sealing the broccoli in the packet.

19. That pumpkin delight really looks frightened than his happy cousins on the cover.

20. When your drone captures magnificent views and you end up on a cloudy top several hours later.

21. Someone is having a really sad lunch at the office.

22. Even Batman is going to feel ashamed of his bat symbol looking so dismal.

23. When the joke is on you – Good Humor with the expected Oreo bar.

24. Pinterest mood boards are glamourous but not the chopping skills of your hairdresser.

25. Your morsel was just eaten by someone, the chocolate spread looks so stingy on the cake.

26. You promised your sweetheart beautiful boquet of flowers, but few hours later find yourself looking at a scanty floral display.

27. Garfield would literally throw that omelette like lasagne out of the window for breakfast.

28. An adorable chocolate spider on the doughnut looks like a Halloween black widow spider for decoration.

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