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man breaks into abandoned mental hospital. what he found sent chills down my spine

by Qunki Team | others
Home > others > man breaks into abandoned mental hospital. what he found sent chills down my spine

#1 The entrance looks creepy enough.

#2 Stairways leading up to the front of the building.

#3 All the old mattresses piled into certain rooms.

#4 Hallways left just as they were when the hospital was abandoned.

#5 This is an actual photo of the photographer's friend. This is an unedited photo, but was taken at the perfect time.

#6 A patient's room.

#7 More of the rooms that held patients. Imagine the stories that would be told if walls could talk.

#8 An old meeting room maybe?

#9 This building has definitely started to fall apart, but they were still able to roam freely throughout.

#10 An old staircase along with the doors to keep patients on their assigned floor.

#11 They stuffed rooms full of old furniture and equipment before leaving it all behind.

#12 Looks like the bugs are happy about their new found home.

#13 The outside of the building along with some abandoned equipment.

#14 It's hard to tell what this may be.

#15 What is this?

#16 Puzzles just left behind.

#17 An eery look at the outside of the building.

#18 There were a lot of items just strewn about the property.

#19 Rusted chains and fencing.

#20 One of the toilets they came across. You couldn't pay me a million dollars to use this thing.

#21 I always wonder why places that this become abandoned.

#22 It's a large building, with plenty of space to grow.

#23 Maybe something traumatic happened, maybe funding was cut. I guess we will never know

This abandoned mental hospital is absolutely terrifying by the looks of it. And to hear that it is one of the most haunted places in the world.

H/T SlipTalk

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