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Most Of The Funny Relationship Memes To Make You Laugh

by Qunki Team | funny
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Relationships can be tough. There is always a lot of pressure of expectations, goals, attributes, interests, etc. Are expectations from them often are miles away from the reality. Thus, being in one can be burdening on any and every person. It's also difficult to find a perfect relationship. Perhaps it doesn't even exist. When your own relationship isn't going great, or even if it is, it doesn't hurt to extract some humour from that of others, isn't it? Doesn't it act like a stress buster? So, here are some of the funniest relationship memes that will certainly make you laugh and take the pressure off.

1 Excuse me.


3 Nice play.

4 Best of luck boy.

5 Feeling pity for men.

6 Revenge time.

7 No no. It's a meme.

8 internal happiness,

9 Seriously?

10 Wait..We are coming.

11 Eating snacks.


13 No chance.

14 Yipee.

15 Hey wait a minute.

16 Goals.

17 kisses?

18 Monday sucks .

19 wait what?

20 1 minute .

21 Seriously?

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