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Things Every Egg Eaters Should Know!

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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We all love eggs as they are easy to make, tasty to eat and a number of varieties are available. Some people are so obsessed with eggs that they want egg in everything they eat like Maggie, parantha, curry and much more. Mostly, people consume eggs as it is quite rich in proteins. But there are a number of other benefits as well.

Here are some of the benefits eggs have to give to their lovers

1 Improves body strength


Eating one egg daily makes the body strong. An egg is rich in all kind of vitamins and minerals which improve body strength. It makes the bones stronger and keeps people fit in long run. This is the reason why gym instructors tell all people to have eggs post work out as they strengthen bones and muscles.

2 Eggs keep you warm


Eggs provide warmth to the body. That is the reason why people prefer eggs in winters. People who eat eggs regularly do not feel cold and can handle winters properly. Eggs also help in recovering from cold and cough.

3 Eggs improve eye health


Egg yolk contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin, the Antioxidants which are very good for eye health. Weak eyesight is one of the worse consequences of aging. Eating eggs regularly is quite good for eyes because these oxidants help in the building of retina inside the eye.

4 Eggs are good for the heart


According to many studies, eggs reduce heart diseases and even chances of stroke. Many people think that egg may be bad for heart as it contains cholesterol, but any of the statistics of heart problems do not record consumption of eggs as the reason.

5 Eggs contain choline


Egg yolk is a rich source of choline, which is a hard to find an ingredient in many foods. Choline has a primary role in brain development. This is the reason why eggs are on the top of the diet list of pregnant women. It can improve baby's brain health. Eggs improve brain and hormonal health.

6 Eggs can help a lot in weight loss


Eggs with toast are the best breakfast for anyone trying to lose weight. Several studies have proved that starting the breakfast with eggs increases satiety in over-sized people and may aid in weight loss. Replacing a breakfast of yogurt and bagels with two boiled eggs and toast, help the person staying fuller for a long time. Even an egg white omelet is a great option if someone is not fond of boiled eggs every day.

7 Eggs can provide healthy hair


Unhealthy hairs are those which are not thick and get wasted in frequent hair fall. This is a clear sign of nutrients imbalance and immunity shortage in the body. Eggs are well known to improve hair health as they contain sulfur-rich amino acids which are good for healthy hair. Many people shop for shampoos containing eggs. But applying raw egg on hairs have 50 times more benefits than using a chemical shampoo with egg as an ingredient. Many people claim that their hairs have started growing faster since they added eggs to their diet plan.

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