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30 life improving ideas that you can use in everyday life

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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We often seem to lose our way around regular tasks in our daily parlance, even when they are not that big of a deal. We seem to get entangled in the technicalities of everyday objects and are unable to figure out just how to get them working. As a result, we waste a lot of our time and energy on them, ending up being frustrated with life as a whole. We find them to be chores. However, you need to know that these are not worth that much of trouble. That they are, Indeed, quite simplistic and can be easily accomplished, lest you know the secret trick to them. So, read on to find simple yet efficient life-improving ideas that you can use to reduce the chores in your everyday life.

1 Can't seem to find where you kept your bottle opener? Don't worry, Use your macbook charging adapter instead!

2 Don't have a dustpan at home? No worries, cut an old oil can to make one yourself! Best from waste!

3 Going to the beach but worried about your valuables getting soaked in water? Use an empty sunscreen bottle to store them instead!

4 Want to add keys to your keychain but don't want to hurt your nails again? Employ the metal end of a stapler instead!

5 Have a teeny - tiny bit of pancake batter left? Unfold the cup’s rim to increase its capacity!

6 Ran out of tissues? Use this cheap yet efficient way to make a tissue box!

7 This one will come very handy- employ unused dental floss to symmetrically cut a cake!

8 Can't seem to find a cupholder? No issues, your shoe acts as one!

9 Want to know if you have bad breath? Lick your wrist and smell it after 10 seconds. That's exactly how it smells.

10 Want to save your fingers? Use a clothespin to hold the nail steady while hammering.

11 Love summer herbs? Preserve them by freezing them in some olive oil.

12 Want duct tape everywhere you go? Wrap it around a water bottle!

13 After you're done popping popcorns in your microwave, Open the pack just a bit to facilitate the falling of unpopped kernels, and then enjoy your popcorns!

14 Freeze a half -filled bottle vertically and then fill it to have ice -cold water on the go!

15 Put some nails on the kitchen shelf and bam! You have systematic holders for measuring spoons!

16 Want to know how to cool buckles? Spray some water on them. Evaporation will help cool the metal and plastic parts alike.

17 Don't want to hurt your fingers while holding grocery bags? Simple. Use something round to hold them.

18 Don't want to make a mess in kitchen? Swap the lids while filling ketchup.

19 Want to cover up dings on wooden furniture? Just rub it with walnut.

20 Don't know how to light a candle with worn out fig? Simple. Use spaghetti to light the same.

21 Have to carry important documents but worried about creases and rain? Simple. Keep them in a transparent pouch.

22 Don't want to waste soap? Take up the sliver of soap left and stick it to the new bar!

23 Want to properly heat leftover food? Space out a circle in the leftover food plate while heating.

24 Want to save the plugs’ wires? Use nails to keep them in place.

25 Drilling? Stick and fold a post-it note below it to gather the dust.

26 Worried about extension cords unplugging? Tie them in a loose knot to prevent the same.

27 Have a cassette stand lying around? Use it as a phone stand!

28 Worried about your kids falling out of their beds? Roll up a sheet at the corner.

29 Don't have a knife around? Use dental floss to cut cake.

30 Your showerhead getting choked? Tie a bag of vinegar around it the clear it and enjoy your bath.

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