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Your Best Workout and Diet Determined By Your Specific Body Type

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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We all have different body types after all which is pretty impressive and amazing too. But that means your friend's smoothie diet might work for them only but not at for you. It also means that some bodies should do higher weight workout reps while the others should stick to pilates. For instance, some bodies are naturally skinny, some are usually a bit round, some are naturally strong, and they are all very great. But depending on the type of body you all have, you might want to try with a different type of diet or a workout, since, you know, we cannot all eat a box of pizza without even suffering the consequences at all.

1 Do you have an ectomorph, an endomorph or a mesomorph type of body?

Determining your type of body can be a bit hard, especially if you often fluctuate in weight or were just pregnant. For others, it is a sort of obvious. There are three types. This video will help you determine which you are.

2 The Endomorph Lady

People with this type of body carry weight on the bottom half of their body that is their abs, thighs and also bellies. Diet alone does not merely do the trick, so they need to focus on the training, cardio and above all, self-discipline. They tend to be very skinny with light muscles, small amount of fat, small joints, and higher metabolism, according to Food Scientist and Nutrition Expert Christine Hronec.

Your workout should look like high-intensity cardio mixed with a good amount of strength training. Your diet should include: 30 40% carbs, 30 35% protein and 30 35% fat. You can learn more right here.

This means a little fewer midnight pancakes and a bit cleaner eating. Endomorph to endomorph, I promise this is just doable.

3 The Ectomorph Lady

The ectomorph body is very slim, long-limbed and not packing on much in the way of pounds or huge muscle. For them, it can be really hard to gain some weight say if they want to add more shape to their slim bodies. According to this, they can carry more fat than their muscle, leading to the idea of skinny fat. If they want to be sleek and toned, they have to work out a bit. The ectomorph will probably benefit from the weight training (but not at all spot training). They are going to need to mix up their workout. Unlike the mesomorphs who tend to gain mass when weight training with heavy weights, ectomorphs might find that this is their sweet spot. Ectos will surely want to focus on eating various types of nutritious food which packs a punch regarding lots of calories and even a good amount of energy: nuts, fruits, veggies, and seeds.

4 The Mesomorph Lady

Well, to be lean and very strong! Mesomorphs are those freaks who simply just look fit on their own. They are compact, lean and even very athletic, and they even have hourglass figures. They tend to be somewhat medium-sized and possess wider at the shoulders rather than the hips region.

Mesos really need to be very careful that they do not get too bulky during their workout. Because of this, the focus should be on cardio and body sculpting especially to create some more curves. Mesos should be eating pretty well, even if they are naturally fit. They should actually strive for a balance in the amount of fat, proteins and carbohydrates.

5 Here are some workouts to jumpstart your body type training:

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