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Understand Women Better Through Memes

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Understand women better through memes

1 False alarm

2 Showing Cleavage Or Not?

Hint for husbands: Is she buttoned-up? Is so, you are doing a great job!

3 She Smiles..

Without gals and smiles, the world would be a much sadder place!

4 Her Communication Technique..

Gals can learn from this one, mainly to get him out of his man cave..

5 Her Body Language

Know her body language well, it may prevent you from getting hurt!

6 Ducklings To Swans

Thankfully there is a stage that comes after the awkward phase we know as puberty!

7 Shes Complicated

Yup, shes complicated, but thats why youre attracted to her. Would you REALLY want her to be like you?

8 Because I was pretty awesome !

9 Guys should pay

10 Equality when they need

11 Games are for kids

12 A Man Test

If you're into time travelers and spot those pirates. . . Sorry, you've failed!

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