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16 Photos Showing The Beautiful Mutation That Is Heterochromia

by Qunki Team | facts
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1 Heterochromia Is the Coolest Thing Ever

If you have ever seen someone with heterochromia, you must know how beautiful it is. They are truly unique people.

2 What Is Actually Heterochromia?

Heterochromia is just basically a typical genetic mutation. However, it has no detrimental effects on the body, and it actually manifests itself in several variations within the color of the iris.

3 Common Types

The most common and obvious type of heterochromia is just classic heterochromia. That is when the eyes are two different colors.

4 Partial Heterochromia In the eyes

Partial heterochromia is another, rarer type of heterochromia actually. This actually occurs when there are two distinct and different color variations within one eye.

5 Partial Heterochromia In Both the Eyes

It is also possible to have partial heterochromia in even both the eyes. This dogs eyes are also half blue in each iris, which is now a perfect example.

6 Other Types of Heterochromia

Technically, if you are having a ring of one color surrounded by a completely different color, which is basically called partial heterochromia too then you must know this is more common than other different types.

7 It Can also Be Very Stunning

Partial heterochromia can be really very captivating. This woman has an eye that is two very distinct colors, split almost approximately right down the middle.

8 Magical

These particular images can seem almost magical at times. But we just assure you, this is a very real condition.

9 Her Cat Matches Her Eyes

This woman actually became really very famous after it was found that her cat had the same type of heterochromia that she did! She has the ame colors and everything.

10 It Makes Makeup More Challenging

Doing your makeup for big nights out can be a little harder. Thats because you have to use two different shades of eye shadow!

11 Mesmerizing, is it not?

Looking at these beautifully stunning women can be totally mesmerizing. It is a big shame these girls are not more common

12 Cutest Thing Ever

As for the animals, it can also make them look really totally cute! For these reasons, they are very also sought after by pet buyers.

13 Evolution Is Really Very Beautiful

Evolution can also be a beautiful thing. Although heterochromia has no real purpose, it shows you how genetics and Mother Nature has a mind of its own.

14 Please Be My Girlfriend, would You?

There is something about these girls that just makes me fall in love. She is actually very much perfect, even though shes not really symmetrical.

15 Are You Even Real?

These girls will always make you think that you are actually dreaming They really seem to have been sent from heaven.

16 It Can Also Be Caused By Ey Surgery


Do you also find yourself wishing you had heterochromia? Well, you could actually get it. Sometimes people develop it after undergoing certain types of surgeries!

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