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If You Have These 12 Habits, Your Relationship Will Stay Happy Forever !

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
Home > relationship and lovelife > If You Have These 12 Habits, Your Relationship Will Stay Happy Forever !

1 Peacefully settle disputes:

When you are enraged, avoid saying things or yelling words which you may regret later, instead try having a planned agreement that both of you will back away.

2 Spend quality time together:

With our busy schedules, we often tend to forget to relax and spend time with each other. So, spend quality time with each other. This will help you two know each other better and will strengthen your relationship.

3 Appreciate and help each other to improve:

Appreciating your partner leads to a productive, fulfilling and peaceful relationship. Encourage them to fulfill their goals and aspirations and celebrate with them when they do fulfill them. Motivation and push them to be the best they can.

4 Live with integrity:

Trusting each other creates inner peace and security. Being truthful prevents trouble in the relationship. Thus, live with fairness, integrity, and reliability.

5 Be devoted and loyal:

Real friendship and true live are not about being inseparable. Love is about partners being brutally true to each other, even when separated. Being faithful is not an option but a priority in a relationship. Loyalty is the most important habit for a happy relationship.

6 Love and respect each other:

Everyone loves himself or herself, and also expects his or her partner to do so. Thus, respect your partner as an individual with his or her thought, ideas, opinions and feeling and do not try to dominate or change your partner. Love and respect him or her for exactly what he or she is.

7 Stand together during good and bad times:

Be with your partner during all good, bad, sad and happy times. Sail through all the hardships together. Be with your partner not only when is convenient, but when he or she needs you the most.

8 Understand the uniqueness of your relationship:

Understand that every relationship is different. Dont compare your relationship with anyone elses, especially someone whose relationship seems to be perfect. Every couple had its own love rules, agreements, and habits. Acknowledge the uniqueness of your relationship, and make it the best possible.

9 Draw emphasis on listening and communication:

Your partner is not a mind-reader, and hence wouldnt be able to figure out what youre thinking or feeling. You need to convey it to your partner. Share everything. Also, listen what your partner says and understand his or her feelings. This is the key to a happy relationship.

10 Convert negatives into positives:

All the negative things in a relationship can be turned positive with understanding and honesty between the partners. Work mutually as a team to solve each problem one by one.

11 Regularly work on thoughtfulness:

Those who nourish their partnerships regularly are the ones successful in relationships. Make small efforts every day to make your partners life better and strengthen your relationship.

12 Realistic expectations:

Real relationships arent like the ones shown in movies. Thus your expectations from your relationship should be real. You should understand that not every day is romantic and passionate there are rough spots which require good communication to deal with. You need to stand with each other, no matter what.

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