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Why Did I Never Become Her Boyfriend? She Gave Me 5 Surprising Reasons

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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I saw her at the mall every evening, and she became more and more attractive every day.

One such evening, I was near the TI mall in Indore, India. I was about to take a taxi home, but then I got lucky.

I was moving down the escalator when I saw two girls on their way to the mall. I saw the girl for a good 3 seconds, and I was so attracted to her that I turned out at the end to look at her again And I was quite surprised to find that she was staring at me too.

I never expected this. I started panicking, does this mean I had a chance? I waved at her, and she smiled. I knew that I had nailed it, a cute curly-haired girl is attracted to me. But there was another voice inside of me asking the question Did I do it perfectly?

Three years have passed since.

We became best friends but love never happened between us. I never really wanted us to be just friends, I wanted to be in a relationship with her. I then decided to ask her what I did wrong, and why I couldnt be her boyfriend. And it was late night when I asked her this question.

She gave me a detailed reply, and I quickly made a note of our conversation so that I dont make the same mistake twice.

1 She- You have a low self-confidence

She told me that my confidence and morale are lacking. She said that when I am unable to tackle tough situations or protest when something wrong is happening, that is a huge turn-off for her. She added that I should try to improve this as soon as possible.

2 I- What should I do to get confident?

So I asked her how I can improve my confidence. She replied that I tend to try hard, but what is needed is react quickly and steadily in tough situations. And I cant blame her after all, a guy should stay strong no matter how difficult the situation is. This also provides a sense of security to the girl.

3 She- You are very arrogant!

She said that even though she was attracted to me, the fact that I was arrogant turned out to completely kill that feeling. She added that I am sometimes rude, and she wasnt wrong actually. But I wasnt aware of this.

4 I- How can I lighten things up?

Her advice was to respect a woman always and to be polite, chivalrous to women. I knew that she was right, and I began working on this immediately.

5 She- You look shabby!

This was rather insulting now. She continued that when she saw me at the mall, I was well-groomed wearing a fine dress. But in real life, I turned out to be the complete opposite.

The next question that I had to ask her killed me a little bit inside since that meant I had to change my look completely.

6 I- How can I style up?

Her advice was perfect. She said that I dont have to handsome like some of the best Hollywood actors, but I should try my best to look the best I can. I wasnt satisfied with this answer and asked for a better explanation.

So now I asked her if there was one-stop-guide for all to get attractive.

Her reply was StyleDotMe; she added that there were lots of outfits available there for everyone. I immediately downloaded the app, trying to impress her, and she too loves my enthusiasm.

7 She- Youre self-obsessed.

I was aware of this bad habit. She said rather aggressively that I keep on bragging about myself, then how can another person come to my life. I knew she was right again. I had to ask her how to fix this.

8 I- How can I get selfless?

She told me that the distinction between self-confidence and self-obsessed is rather small. So I had to try and get conscious whenever I started bragging about myself from now on. I thought that this was the final nail, but she wasnt finished yet.

9 She- You lead a dull lifestyle

Now, I have heard that girls prefer bad boys who are always and never lead a boring life. Living with them means you are always active. She told me that what were we going to talk about if we do nothing out of the ordinary. If we keep on leading the same boring lives, then nothing great will happen in our lives.

10 I- How can I get industrious?


She told me I should be sporty.

I joined the Table Tennis club near my house the next day, and after two years, I was in the Nationals. All of this effort just to get her back in my life.

Today, she sees me playing well and receiving offers from all around. This has been possible by her advice. Now I am confident, yet down to earth, always dress well, try to look my best and active.

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