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This Girl Gives List of Cutest Instructions For Her Boyfriend When He Goes For A Trip With His Friends

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
Home > relationship and lovelife > This Girl Gives List of Cutest Instructions For Her Boyfriend When He Goes For A Trip With His Friends

1. Staying away from your partner can be quite difficult even when situations are great.

It can be even more difficult when your partner is going away on a trip with his friends who are mostly single. A girl named Whitney created a “rule book” for her boyfriend Kiernan when he will be away on his trip to put herself at ease.

2. Let’s take a look at the rules

3. Here’s the second page of the rule book.

4. The book also comes with a cute cover!

5. Kiernan posted pictures of this rule book on social media, and his friends responded with “Aww, so cute!”, while some teased him a bit.

6. Some people thought that this book meant he isn’t given enough freedom, but if you read it, you will find that those are simple rules that anyone should follow in a relationship.

7. It seems as if everyone wants him to text her every day. That seems to be the most important rule.

8. The rulebook definitely doesn’t have any rules that are not common in a relationship, and the way she responded on Twitter seems she is a nice and cute girl who loves her boyfriend a lot.

9. Many people even commented that the rules in the rulebook are perfectly fine, and they are not restrictive at all.

10. And it seems that others have been inspired by this as well, and they are doing the same to their partners. Now this is a problem for bachelor parties.

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