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17 Engineering Fails That Will Make You Wonder How These Engineers Got A Degree

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Have you guys ever wondered what it actually feels like when you see a toilet seat at the end of a row of wash basins? Or wondered how it appears when you see a staircase that goes up and ends in the freaking wall? You can also get to see that there is a blind balcony that is literally of no use. Well, here are 17 engineering fails that will surely make you pretty much surprised and these are sure to make you ponder how these bloody engineers got a degree. Here, have a look below:

1 Stairway that actually will lead to nowhere

2 For those of you who have half a bum cheek, this is fine

3 Yes, it is almost there.

4 Good for all vampires.

5 Water and electricity: it is indeed a great match.

6 Thomas the Train that could not.

7 Useless after all

8 That cannot be safe for anybody

9 Well, they must be having a hover craft

10 Strange. Is it not?

11 Pointless it is.

12 It seems, the window is actually drunk.

13 Watch your Jump out there.

14 Useless balcony it is.

15 Now no one can see your PIN Number, not even you

16 This seems pretty awkward. Right?

17 Wrong Position after all

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