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The Craziest Injuries People Got From Intimacy

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Most of us have several strange injuries on a daily basis. But have you ever thought what it actually feels like to have an injury during $ex? If not, just have a close look at the following lines. These are some of the experiences couples shared about their weird injuries that they received while having $ex.

1 I had a sprain in my wrist while having $ex in the car. Even after telling home, he did not care,

2 I was trying my luck to have $ex while in the shower but it seems now that it was not such a brig

3 I was just trying a bit to spank her while having $ex the last night, but instead hit my balls. I

4 I accidentally broke my mans penis while having rough $ex. But he still loves me a lot and wants

5 I had a very bad experience when my boyfriend just head butted me during $ex thus giving me a bla

6 I broke my girlfriends toe by mistake while having $ex with her.

7 While having $ex with my husband in the bathroom, he just took the towel rail off the wall and hi

8 I broke my right arm while having $ex. I had fallen off the bed really bad.

9 During a $ex session I realized that I was growing old. I had a muscle pull.

10 I accidentally broke my boyfriends nose while having $ex

11 I was just trying to surprise my boyfriend with morning $ex, but instead got a broken hip and a

12 I broke my back yesterday while having $ex and my boyfriend had to roll me off the bed slowly.

13 I and my girlfriend tied to have a rough $ex but finally ended up taking her to the ER due to ex

14 I just got an ankle sprain while having $ex on a trampoline.

15 While trying to have very rough $ex with my husband he just threw me against the headboard. Oh f

16 Well, I was just trying to have a real hard $ex, but instead had a very bad muscle pull.

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