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Women Confess The Most Annoying Moments While Getting Intimate

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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Having a cozy and intimate moment with the one you love is always such a pleasure. It makes you not only more comfortable with each other but also makes understanding a bit better. There are in fact certain things which should always be kept in mind while doing ‘it’ or you might be at risk of annoying your partner. Especially, when it comes to girls, they can be very sensitive at more times than one.

Here I bring some things that girls do not like at all while getting intimate. So boys, do remember to give this a thorough read. Are you listening carefully at all?

1 She always ALWAYS loves surprises.

Never leave such things to her. She rather needs you to keep going on!

2 Simply let her be out of control.

Do not try to guide her with her very next move. She is a woman and thus does not prefer advice at all.

3 Do not let her feel very conscious in any way.

If your partner is a bit too concerned about her weight, always try to console her in the best way you can.

4 Yeah, this is actually to be followed strictly.

You better mind it.

5 Oh no!

Like, did you mean it seriously?

6 And she values it more you see.

This surprised me completely.

7 You better dont try out those dirty talks

Everybody has their discretion and choice.

8 So from the next time.Ssshhh!

And you can just let her enjoy the very moment.

9 Because she does not like it

Do not presume the next time guys.

10 Is truth more important to you?

This is a great moment?

11 No eye contact, please.

I mean, you are involving. Why no eye contact at all then?

12 Guys, feedback matters. It does.

At least, you can as well let her know so that she can perform better the next time.

13 Come on; you are not her daddy.

Do not even let her feel so because she will never be able to take you the way she normally does.

14 Didnt you make a note of it?

The silly question at the very outset!

15 Stop asking so many questions.

Despite asking such irrelevant questions, why dont you simply live the exciting moment?

16 Because of the feeling, turns her off.

Instead of it, you can try something better.

17 Because it doesnt excite her that way


So guys, from the very next time try to make a note of these things and try something exciting, in a much better way.

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