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Before A Heart Attack, Your Body Will Warn You With These Signs

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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A month before you get a heart attack, your body will start warning you with these eight vital signs.

After conducting various surveys, the American Heart and Stroke Association have concluded that heart diseases and strokes are the leading causes of deaths all over the world, causing the highest number of deaths. It found out that most of the patients either suffer for the first time or have recurrent heart attacks. Heart attacks may result because of Insufficiency of blood flow or blockage in the coronary artery.

It has been found that over 700000 people suffer from heart attacks annually, 100000 of them dying of it. The results are thus alarming. Although the data shows an exorbitantly high rate of cardiovascular diseases in the recent years, there are some key symptoms from which a person will most likely suffer from before having a heart attack. Preventing these symptoms can prevent the heart attack.

So, here are the eight most important symptoms of heart attack that a patient will most likely suffer from:



Dizziness is a primary symptom of Heart attack, which is caused by lack of blood flow. It causes lack of adequate blood flow to the most vital organ, brain, which causes dizziness. It is thus alarming and should not be taken lightly.



Unusual body weakness a month before is a key symptom of heart attack. It is the result of low blood flow and circulation. Also, the muscles weaken due to the narrowing of arteries. It should alarm you that a heart attack is about to occur.



After dizziness, cold sweats follow. It is a major signal. Low blood flow makes the body cold, clammy and unwell.

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Chest pain, pain in arms, shoulders, and back are termed as cardiac pain and indicate that you may suffer a cardiac arrest. You must consider a physician in such a case. Chest tightness and chest pain are the most significant symptoms of heart attack.



A month before the stroke, many patients complain of cold or flu symptoms. This shows that something is wrong with your body and should not be overlooked.



Constant fatigue, along with overall body weakness, is a major indicator. It is caused due to low blood circulation. It causes overexertion because of lack of blood supply.



Heartburn, nausea, abdominal pain, and indigestion are other vital signs.



Shortness of breath is also a major sign, as low blood supply causes lack of oxygen supply to all organs, including the lungs.

Even if these symptoms are common before the heart attack, these symptoms do not always tell you are in danger of heart attack. Please consult a doctor before deciding.

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