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You Have Been Pooping Wrong Your Entire Life And You Don’t Even Know It

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Life is full of lessons. Life has so much to teach us that we would require many lives to learn the many things it teaches. Many of us simply learn things while many other learn it the very tough way. While we consciously keep learning many big things in life, you will be shocked when we say that we have not learned many necessary things still in life. One such fundamental thing is the way we have pooping all our life. Pooping is such an essential thing, and we have been doing this in a wrong way all through our lives. Particularly, if you have pooping habits of the west, then we are sure you have been pooping the wrong way all these days without an iota of doubt. Read more to understand the exact facts about pooping and the right way to do same.



2 What is the proper way to poop then ?


Scientists who belong to the Pelvic Floor Clinic at Stanford University say that we must poop sitting in a squat posture rather than sitting completely. When we poop sitting on a Western toilet, we comfortably sit at a 90-degree angle. The right way to poop sitting on a Western toilet commode is to have kept the legs on a stool so that our body is at a 35-degree angle to our body.



4 What happens when we sit and poop?


Irrespective of pooping with our rear in a 90 degrees angle or bending forward a bit, the posture creates tension and strain to our rectum. The muscle named puborectalis presses our rectum in order to balance out the continence when we sit erect and poop. This wrong posture thus causes damage to our rectum which plays a most important role in our physical body.



Research reveal that pooping in a sitting posture can cause many health problems including Hemorrhoids, diseases about bowel, Diverticulitis, and Colon Cancer. Such diseases or ailments are caused due to the pressure our Rectum experiences while pooping sitting straight on western type commodes.





A study conducted on three groups in a random manner in the year 2003 reveals the subjects’ toilet experiences while pooping sitting in various positions. The three groups were assigned different sitting positions during the study. The first group was made to poop sitting on a low-level toilet. The second group was made to poop sitting on a slightly higher level toilet. The third group was made to poop in a squat posture. Their regular toilet experiences and the outcome were studied in a meticulous manner



While the first and the second group experienced a tension while pooping, the third group expressed that they felt relaxed pooping in a natural squat position. Understand that when we poop in a squat position, the puborectalis muscles feel highly relaxed straightening the rectum providing comfort to the same.

Reading so far we are sure you know that you have been pooping the wrong way all throughout your life till now. So let us now tell you the right way to poop.



Ensure that when you poop in the Western toilet, your body is slightly bent forward with your foot placed on a raised level making your knees extend above your hip level. This will not put pressure on the rectum and save you from the many diseases and ailments caused due to any wrong way of pooping

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