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Worst Ever “But First, Let Me Take a Selfie”

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Selfies are becoming a necessary part of our life. We can take pictures of greatest moments of our life without the help of others. But same time, we need to be careful with the surroundings and situation when you take selfies. There are incidents where people died when attempting to take selfies without checking the surroundings. We have written about people who died while taking selfies before. We have wrote about people who died while taking selfies before. Also, we must be aware of the other people with us. And never take a selfie in an inappropriate situation. Do you remember about the paramedic who suspended for taking selfies with dying patients? You can read her story here.

Now, check out some instants where people prioritized selfies over something really important

1 She Had Time

Seriously? Instead of rushing your child to a hospital you're going to pause to take a selfie?

2 Classy

Yep. That is real, really, classy.

3 Think Before You Selfie

Wipe that smile off your face. Don't you know 6 million Jews died here?

4 Dude, You May Want To Turn Around

Uh, hey man. I think you should turn around.

5 Balls Of Steel

He is either incredibly stupid or has balls of steel. Maybe both.

6 Bystander

Instead of breaking the fight up, he takes a selfie. Thats pretty terrible.

7 What Were You Thinking

Is this acceptable? No, no it is not.

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