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Who Is Your Worst Enemy According To Your Zodiac Sign?

by Qunki Team | astrology
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No matter, who you are? You must have an enemy who is always looking for a way to let you down. The word enemy is not appropriate. You can say, a rival. Yes, the rival is the perfect word. Your rival is the same person, with whom you can't even imagine sharing a moment together. There will be any reason behind this enmity such as past antipathies etc. Perhaps their arrogance annoys you.

Hold on! If you are not sure why your blood starts boiling as you think about your rival, then roll your eyeballs at their zodiac signs. Yes, you read right. Their zodiac sign tells you everything about them, right from their nature type to attitude. Along with this, you will also find more common as well as untied threads between you and your so-called rival that makes you both enemies for each other.

1 Aries (21 March-19 April) & Aries

If you both are born with Aries then it's a huge problem as you both are equally stalwart. No doubt that people born with Aries Zodiac are natural leaders, moreover, they can battle for supremacy as well as leadership.

2 Taurus (20 April 20 May) and Leo (23 July 22 August)

Folks with Taurus like better to be an authentic admirer rather than a front-runner, moreover, this is the only reason which not clashes with Leos domineering appearance. But like Aries, the person with Taurus is also tenacious as well as never appreciate being told what to do. Definitely, its a huge dilemma for Leo since they are in the habit of having their way.

3 Gemini (21 May 20 June) and Cancer (21 June 22 July)

Independent, mischief, free and have the potential to take the spontaneous decision, yes, you think right! We are talking about Geminis. At the same instance, Cancers are too liberated but self-centered as well as emotional. The worst part is that what a Gemini does in the name of comedy, entertainment, and fun, cancer might prefer it as an offense.

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4 Virgo (23 August 22 September) and Aquarius (20 January February)

Aquarius and Virgo both have aggressively self-governing symbols. Virgo people are more logical. Firstly, they observe the circumstances formerly making hand wet into a situation. On the same hand, Aquarius is impulsive, creative and aggressive. Aquarius welcome nature might be a problem for the reserved Virgo.

5 Libra (23 September 22 October) and Capricorn (22 December 19 January)

Libra and Capricorn at the same time mean definite personality clashes. Capricorns suspicious nature might be a great problem for Libra since they are open-minded moreover, the perfect social animal. Libra loves to enjoy quality time whereas a Capricorn is always finding the ways to work hard. However, both are too similarly conceited and vain, therefore a great clash might starts if you both have differing philosophies.

6 Scorpio (23 October 21 November) and Aquarius (20 January 18 February)

Actually, both Aquarius and Scorpio are pretty alike in temperament and nature, but it inclines more in the direction of uncertainty than kindliness. Apart from their independent marks, both are inflexibly disbelieving of each other. Not only this, but they also like to make their way instead of following someone else.

7 Sagittarius (22 November 21 December) and Pisces (19 February 20 March)

Sagittarius are best in hiding emotions, although Pisces are not strong enough and they can burst into tears at any instance due to their sensitive and emotional nature. Sagittarius always feel free to say what they want, they never judge the circumstances which might be a great reason of clash with oversensitive Pisces.

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