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9 Amazing Facts About Clit0ris You Never Knew Before

by Qunki Team | facts
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Most of the time, we obviously feel very shy to talk about our own body parts and if it is the private parts then we stay actually mum. So, it is high time to explore and also know our body a little better than we used to know earlier. Out of the multiple organs that our body has, there is one organ that you have never explored enough very well. So we urge you to go ahead and read a few unknown facts about CIitoris. Well, you can thank me later for this one.

1. The length of the cIitoris is much more than you know. Just 1/4th of the length is what you can see on the exterior, the rest is buried deep inside. The average approximate length of the cIitoris is near about 4 inches.

2. It has almost 8000 nerve endings that is double that of the nerve endings of the pen-is in men. Therefore, it is much more sensitive.

3. Your cIitoris grows with the advancement of your age. For example, when you are 30 years old your cIitoris will be two times larger and when you reach your menopause, it will be 7 times of what it was during your birth.

4. Similar to the pen-is, your cIitoris also erects. It cannot be found easily just because of its pygmy shape.

5. Although the size of cIitoris varies from woman to woman, it actually does not affect anything at all.

6. The only purpose of the cIitoris is to give you an ultimate heavenly pleasure!

7 A cIitoris has a power to achieve a number of 0rgasms.

8 The cIitoral orgasm can even last up to anywhere between 10 to 30 seconds.

9 Your cIitoris can be as moody as you happen to be.

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