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12 Reason Why It Is Actually Great To Have A Small One

by Qunki Team | relationship and lovelife
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There is a false belief that having small manhood is actually bad in a relationship. But it is not actually true. A person with small one can have a great relationship like everyone else. BUT they have some ADVANTAGES over other. Let us have a look.

1 If it is small, it is less likely to come in contact with germ-infected toilet bowl when you pee.

2 If it is small, you don't have to worry about keeping many things in your pockets.

3 When you have a smaller one, you will be motivated to find many other methods to make her feel good. That will be a great plus point.

4 You don't need to worry getting caught with a b0ner when you are in public.

5 You can hug any girls without touching her inappropriately. Isn't that great?

6 What if I say you can pee without using your hands to assist while urinating?

7 Small doesn't mean you can not pleasure her. You can still reach all her pleasure points.

8 She is not that deep like you may think. She may able to hold a larger one doesn't mean it's deep. It will definitely fit you too.

9 There are much worse characteristics than this. Some guys will be worst in kissing. While many others lack in many points. So no need to worry, you will have other attributes that she needs.

10 Bigger doesn't mean it feel better. It will be painful too most of the time.

11 There are more things in relationship than sex. You should concentrate on growing other skills in relationship than growing your thing.

12 Many girls prefer smaller ones. Many girls have revealed that bigger ones are painful and smaller ones feel better. Finding an appropriate girl is not that difficult.

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