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Artist Turns Pokémon Into Humans

by Qunki Team | creativity
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Tamtamdi is an artist that has been getting attention online recently thanks to his humanized Pokemon illustrations. We must say they are honestly incredible.

1 Tangela

2 Tentacruel

3 Meowth

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4 Goldeen

5 Ponyta

6 Parasect

7 Rapidash

8 Omanyte

9 Charizard

10 Vulpix

11 Eevee

12 Onix

13 Ninetails

14 Snorlax

15 Venomoth

16 Oddish

17 Jigglypuff

18 Articuno

19 Grimer

20 Mew

21 Weedle

22 Vaporeon

23 Golbat

24 Beedrill

25 Primeape

26 Arcanine

27 Gloom

28 Flareon

29 Growlithe

30 Seadra

You can find more of his work here: Facebook | Tumblr | DeviantArt

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