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Here Is Why Your Girlfriend Hates To Give Bl0wj0b

by Qunki Team | wtf
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1 Trimming is mandatory

Finding the log hidden in the dense jungle is hard. So, the pubic jungle must be cleared on a regular basis.


2 Its not a spring game

Remember, fast things end up first. Even the sexologist advises foreplay before $ex. But, guys need everything fast and girls feel it as a hectic job.

3 Fear of ruining the joy

Boys dont want disturbance during the intense love making session. If theres a slight mismatch in the movement, then everything goes wrong.

4 50% submission and 50% domination

100% satisfaction comes when both the partners give each other equal respect. You need to be good with the tongue act if you wish for a pleasurable oraI experience.

5 Pushing head down like p 0 r n

P 0 r n movies are not real life experience. Try to avoid the BJ rules that are demonstrated in hardcore p 0 r n movies.

6 Forcing to swallow brings goosebumps

Not every girl likes the c u m taste. Avoid to forcefully ejacuate inside mouth.

7 Squirting all over the face

She hates when her makeup gets messed up. Things should be neat and tidy.

8 BJ only for the real guy

Dont ever compare a girlfriends past s e x u a l experience with yours. A slight misconception would end up the pleasure moment.

9 No forcing for quick BJ

You are out on a date and feel h 0 r n y, but control your feelings. Not every time is accurate for a quicky.

10 Dont moan like a poor dog

If she does not even m 0a n during an intense session and you scream or howl like a dog then forget future BJs.

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