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11 Home Remedies For Under Eye Dark Circles

by Qunki Team | health and fitness
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Everyone is affected by dark circles, more so as you grow older. Everyone hates it, and often tries several commercial products hoping that they will fix the problem but they hardly work, infact they make the situation worse. Thats why home remedies are the best since they are cheap and dont have any side effects.

If you too are affected by dark circles, then this is the perfect article for you, since this article provides a list of the top 11 home remedies for dark circles.

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Some of the best remedies for dark circles include

1 Tomatoes

1 teaspoon tomato juice

1 teaspoon lemon juice

Follow this procedure for two to three weeks twice daily to see improvements.

Tomatoes are rich in a phytochemical called lycopene, which is excellent for the skin, and helps protect the skin.

2 Almond Oil

Sweet almond oil

Note: There are two types of almond oil sweet and bitter. While bitter oil is used extensively in aromatherapy, it cannot be applied on the skin.

You need to do this daily before going to bed, and you should find dark circles disappearing within two or three weeks.

They are rich in vitamin E, which has the properties of making the skin soft and smooth.

3 Orange Juice

1 teaspoon orange juice

A few drops of glycerine

Try this three times a week, preferably in the morning after you wake up.

Everyone knows that orange is rich in Vitamin C, which can reduce dark colouration.

4 Grated Potatoes

1 raw potato

The preferred timing is to do this two times per day for about 2 weeks.

Potatoes are rich in Vitamin C, enzymes and starch which are great at providing nourishment to the skin.

5 Tea Bags

2 green tea bags

You need to do this daily to notice improvements.

The main reason behind formation of dark circles is the dilation of blood vessels under eyes. Tea begs offer great help in restricting the dilation, which in turn reduces dark circles. The tannins in tea also have astringent properties helping in constricting the blood vessels.

6 Cucumber

1 fresh cucumber

You should follow this at least two times per day for a week.

Antioxidants in cucumber such as vitexin, orientin, and cucurbitacinscan help a lot in reducing dark circles.

7 Mint Leaves

A few mint leaves

The best time is to try this before going to bed at night. Do this daily for at least a week.

Mint leaves contain Vitamin C, which improve the skin health and reduce dark coloration.

Many people might get allergies by using peppermint leaves, so make sure that you consult a doctor first before using this.

8 Cold Milk

A bowl of cold milk

You need to do this once daily for 2 3 weeks.

Lactic acid in milk can improve the texture of skin and make it smooth. It also helps in reducing dark regions and wrinkles.

9 Rose Water

Rose water

Cotton balls

You need to follow this procedure for at least 4 weeks before you start noticing improvements.

Rose water contains lots of antioxidants which are great at bringing the original glow back to the skin, and also helps reduce dark circles.

10 Almonds And Milk

Crushed almonds

Raw milk

You have to follow this at least once every day for a few weeks.

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E which can help protect the skin, and reduce dark circles greatly.

11 Nutmeg

Nutmeg powder

Raw milk

You should try this before going to bed every day.

Nutmeg consists of vitamin C and E which work great against skin darkening and blemishes.

What do you think of these techniques? Will you try all of them? Which one worked the best for you? Let us know in the comments below. And dont forget to share this with your friends and family.

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