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15 Interesting Kitchen Hacks That Can Make Your Job Super-Easy

by Qunki Team | diy and lifehacks
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It may seem that cooking and do all kinds of work in the kitchen is an easy task. But it is not. Here you can have a quick glance at the top 15 hacks that will surely make your job in the kitchen extremely smooth and easy. These are as follows:

1 Try to avoid oxidation of potato:

Almost all of us tend to cut the potatoes but do not cook them immediately. These potatoes, when kept in the open for some time, have the tendency to turn grey when they are left exposed. The potatoes contain a huge lot of starch that results in oxidization of the starch resulting in the color. Now, what can be the possible solution? Well, just add the sliced or shredded potatoes to a bowl of water, and it needs to be cold. This will help to prevent the oxidation, and you will be having fresh potatoes that will be ready to cook any way you want.

2 Keep bananas for long in storage:

Bananas have a general tendency to ripen very easily and that too really fast. What is more, the riper the banana, the healthier it becomes for you as cancer specialists say. However, bananas do not make half a good shelf life. So, if you want bananas to last longer than they do, wrap the end of the bunch of bananas with a cling film. This will help to block ethylene gases that assist in a rapid ripening.

3 Preserving cut fruits for longer periods of time:

A small bowl of fruits that have been already cut is the best and perhaps the quickest idea for a simple dessert for any unexpected guest who happens to visit your house. But the problem is that they have the general tendency to turn brown and get oxidized very easily. This makes it look unappetizing. However, there is one good solution to this problem. Add some lemon juice and mixture of honey and water in the ratio 1:2. This will not only prevent the cut fruits from turning brown but also add to the flavor of the fruit. Well, there lies a very simple logic. The citric acid [resent in the lemons and the peptides present in the honey helps a lot in slowing down the process of oxidation.

4 Cracked shell:

Well, almost everyone must have experienced this situation when you are chewing on the egg scramble that you love dearly but happen to get annoyed when you bite the cracked shell piece of the egg. It is annoying and also disgusting and almost spoils the mood of the entire day. But wait, you need not worry at all. What you actually need to do is use a bigger piece of the shell, and try to scoop out the smaller bits from the mix of the egg. And this one really works.

5 Get rid of the oil:

Gravies are undoubtedly tasty and yummy! But if you take a closer look and observe, you can very well see that a top layer of oil always floats in the gravy. Ever wondered how much fat you are going to ingest in eating one gravy? Well, the fat could send you on a guilt trip, and you can never deny that! Now let us have a look at the simple a solution to this problem. When you want to remove that extra grease from gravies or sauces, wrap an ice cube in a clean paper or napkin or even cheesecloth, and try to skim through the surface. The ice helps in the solidification of the fat, and it makes it extremely easy to remove the oil layer.

6 It is time to avoid the onion tears:

Well, the phenomenon of onion tears is extremely common and known to us as experienced in our daily lives. Cutting onions and that too without tears is impossible, and the entire process often seems to be a nightmare top most of us. As soon as we start cutting onions, our tears glands get under a huge lot of stress. But there are solutions to this problem too. Just before you are going to cut the onions toss the onions in your freezer. But you need to make sure you use this trick only and only if you are chopping them in advance. Else the onions will become a bit soggy after they are cooked. There is another solution. Just try to hold a bread slice between your teeth, in such a way that a small portion of it sticks out. The bread quickly absorbs all the irritant gases even before they reach your sensitive eyes. Interesting, isn't it?!

7 Softening of butter:

Morning is the time to become active. And at that time if you have to spend a lot of time in softening butter, it is damn painful. It kills a lot of time. But your time of worrying is almost over. Just cut some butter and wrap that piece in a cloth and also use a rolling pin to cover it properly. It will become soft in no time.

8 Easiest way to brew fresh coffee:

If you genuinely love freshly brewed coffee but do not possess the equipment there is a wonderful solution to this problem of yours! Just add the ground coffee to some water, and start boiling it. Then remove it from the flame, and then let it rest for a couple of minutes. Wait until the ground coffee starts settling down at the bottom. Now use a spoon and gently pour the freshly brewed into coffee mugs! Your coffee is ready to be enjoyed with some snacks.

9 Prevent a birthday cake from drying up easily:

Well, every individual is fond of birthday cakes. And almost all of us want our birthday cake to last long at least for some days. However, once you cut the cake, it will never taste the same again. When you refrigerate the cake, it tends to become dry. Well, you can attach slices of bread to the areas that are exposed to the cake using only toothpicks. The bread will help in retaining the moisture content of the cake, allowing it to remain soft, and very fresh!

10 Keeping herbs fresh:

It is very much painful to maintain and keep the herbs fresh for a very long time. But the next time, when you chop the herbs and do not forget to add them to a mixture of water along with a few drops of olive oil. Then pour it into an ice tray and just let it freeze. Then allow it to melt. You will now have your freshly chopped herbs that are just ready to use.

11 All about Nuts:

Most of us love nuts. But the crispy and delicious nuts often tend to get rancid at normal room temperature, and they lose their freshness as well as taste. Now freeze shelled nuts if you want to keep the oils intact. And yes, this works and helps in maintain the crispiness of the nuts.

12 Try to get rid of smelly hands:

Well, hands that smell a lot is irritating as well a disgusting. What is more, it feels awkward as well as embarrassing too, when you cook a wonderful and tasty meal for your boyfriend. He reaches out to kiss those beautiful hands of his lady love who had made it, and eww! That stinks a lot! Well, here we have a perfect remedy. Just rub some lemon juice or baking soda the next time you want to get rid of that disgusting smell in no time. You can also rub your hands against stainless steel as stainless steel would help a lot because the molecules in the metal bind with the smelly molecules and suck out the molecules from them.

13 Clean fruits and vegetables:

Clean fruits and vegetables are a must to keep you healthy and fit always. Most of the fruits and vegetable that we buy from the market nowadays have a huge lot of pesticides in them are extremely harmful to our bodies. Just scrub the dirt from the fruits and vegetables and place them in a mixture of baking soda and water.

14 Organizing recipes:

The next time you are going to cook anything makes sure that you know the recipe well. And also make sure that your hands are free.

15 All you have to know about Knives:

Always keep in mind that a sharp knife is always a safe one. Always make sure that you keep the blades of the knife facing upward when you store the knives on a wooden block. It will ensure they remain shiny. Try to the blunt edge of the knife to slide the cut food off your chopping board. This will help to keep the sharp edges intact.

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