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Hilarious Examples of Feminist Logic

by Qunki Team | wtf
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Treat me equally but only when its convenient.

1 Kind of a Double Standard?

Either everyone should be judged by what they wear or no one should, right?

2 Protesting Topless

Is this the best way to get the message across?

3 Sluts Welcomed

If you understand the ideology of equality for EVERYONE, then it make sense theres no discrimination when it comes to feminism. Of course, sluts are totally welcomed!Affirmative Action & White Women

4 Affirmative Action & White Women

Geez, this is not the case. White women cant qualify for affirmative action, ALTHOUGH white women benefit from it. How? Studies with the U.S. Labor Department, show affirmative action plays a role in opening up opportunities for ALL women and minorities in society.

5 Militant Feminists

The 1970s are over gals! Feminism has nothing to do with being dogmatic and discriminating. Men are feminists too

6 Paying For Dinner

Hello ?! When was this such a big deal ?

7 Double Standards

Being a feminists ONLY when its convenient is the case of spoiled little girls

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