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This Is What Your Signature Says About Your Personality

by Qunki Team | lifestyle
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Since ancient times, there have been people who have been involved with the art of reading handwriting. You will be surprised to know that an expert can reveal a lot about a persons personality just by analysing his or her signature and handwriting. There has been some debate whether this can be used in court cases. Anyways, it is well know that handwriting not only reveals a lot about your personality but also about your mood and emotional condition.

Testing signatures is a different branch of hand writing analysis. Every person has a unique signature which can reveal a lot about that person. Take a look below to know what your signature reveals about your personality.

1 A downward slope.

This means that the person is very cautious, and he or she only takes decisions after careful consideration. He or she is usually pessimistic.

2 Only initials

This means that you prefer to stay private and not share any information about your life with others.

3 Underlining

This denotes self-importance; the person boasts about his or her achievements in life, no matter what others think about that person.

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4 Slanting towards right

This means that the person is an extrovert and loves hanging out with people.

5 Straight sign

This means that the person is straightforward, and normally leads a dull life.

6 Illegible signature

This could have two meanings first is that the person has a hectic schedule and a sharp mind, secondly he tries to stay mysterious.

7 Stylish signature

This could have two meanings first he or she is a creative and innovative person, and secondly they are trying to make a statement.

8 Large capital letters

A person whose signature consists of large capital letters means that he values himself highly, and has high esteem, which can even make him or her arrogant in the future.

9 First and last name together

This means that the person has struggled a lot in the past; hence he never takes anyone for granted and know how difficult others lives are who are struggling.

10 Swooping letters

Usually, confident people have such signatures.

11 A swish or flick at the end.

That means that the person is wise and is full of creative ideas. He has the drive and motivation to succeed in life.

12 A period at the end.

This means that you can be a great leader or a businessman.

13 Only first name

If a person uses only his first name in the signature, that means that he doesnt want his familys name to get attached with his or her success. They prefer to stay away from their family and love to be independent.

14 No dots on I.

That means that instead of worrying about the small details, you focus on more important things in life.

15 Upward turn at the end.

A person with such a signature usually is quite optimistic.

Dont forget to share this with your friends and family if you agree with these facts.

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